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The Hollywood Inside Edge Presents...
The Hollywood Success 
Worldwide Tour
This Live Event is for You if... 
You are in 1 of 3 places in your Acting Career
  • Are you in the beginning stages and need an effective strategy to dive into your acting career? 
  • Are you a working actor, but you've hit a wall, there's a lull, and you need to breakthrough?
  • Have you been working consistently,  but now it's time to take everything to the next level?
The Hollywood Success Worldwide Tour events dive into the crucial topics needed to thrive 
not only in your acting career, but in your life as a whole. 
We create the environment to effectively approach your acting career like a business, 
while simultaneously focusing on your purpose, being a balanced actor, 
and being completely whole - mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

During this full day event you will... 
 Grow far beyond your current limits
Create an effective strategy that propels you forward
Completely transform your life and acting career
Develop the kind of mindset that breeds success
This is not your typical acting workshop, we are well aware of all the pitfalls actors face...
We are passionate about, and dedicated to, 
helping actors live their best lives, reach their fullest potential and go the next level.
"Having written and produced for several successful television shows, the actors that always stand out are the ones that understand their business inside and out. 
The Hollywood Inside Edge is where you go to learn how
 to completely transform your acting career."

Scott Veach - Writer/Producer
CSI (CBS) / Zero Hour (ABC) / Leverage (TNT) 
"As a director in Hollywood, actors always ask me how to find and keep success the entertainment business. When Shani told me about her program I knew it was groundbreaking; I knew it was exactly what every actor needed, 
and I knew she was the right person to teach it."

Ken Whittingham - Director
Modern Family (ABC) / Parks and Rec (NBC) / 30 Rock (NBC) / The Office (NBC)
“Any actor trying to go to the next level of his or her career…
I’d follow Shani anywhere and EVERYWHERE. 
She knows how to help others create a balanced and successful  life and acting career.”
Peter Shinkoda - Actor
Daredevil (Netflix)
All our event venues are exclusive and high end.
Creating a 5 star experience for our attendees.

Please stay tuned for our next event location.

Shani Pride was born and raised in Los Angeles. She found her calling at a young age, and chose to attend the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  After LACHSA, she attended UCLA Theater School, studied and performed  theater abroad in Italy, and began performing in film and television.  

Pride's love for her craft has been realized across every platform.  She has starred in a substantial amount of television shows including American Horror Story, Weeds, The Finder, and CSI:Miami; has garnered critical acclaim for her work in award winning independent films, sharing the screen with actors like Jane Lynch, and has starred in studio film projects, collaborating with studios like Warner Bros.  In addition, Pride has starred in dozens of global commercial campaigns, including AT&T, Mc Donalds, Best Buy, and IBM. 

With several producing projects  on her plate, including 'Girl Soldier' starring Uma Thurman, Pride works on both sides of the camera.  From feature films to television series, she is driven to create content that makes an impact.
While acting and producing are her passion, philanthropy is her purpose.  A passion for empowering others world-wide inspired her company The Hollywood Inside Edge.  Pride truly loves helping others pursue their passion and purpose in life, and is also deeply dedicated to donating to charities that educate, empower, and inspire youth through arts-education programs globally.  As the creator of The Hollywood Success Worldwide Tour, Pride is making an impact on the ground globally in the regions the tour travels to...helping under-served youth in those communities while creating an environment for actors to reach their fullest potential. 
The Powerful Full Day Event Covers
  • Learn how to fully step into who you are, what YOU bring to the table, and how to stand out
  • Leave this event understanding how you fit into your local industry and ultimately how you fit into Hollywood - which is crucial
  • Get the tools needed to set yourself apart and build an acting career that is perfect for you
  • Learn how to effectively work through your fears, and not shy away from taking hold of the acting career you truly want
  • Learn how to turn your fear and nervousness around before auditions and important meetings 
  • Transform your nerves and anxiety into personal power and magnetism
  • Learn how to create longevity for your career by learning how to book commercials that will support you financially while you pursue a Film/Tv career
  • Break down the audition process so you throughly understand the audition process from the actor’s perspective and the Director, Writer, Producer, and Casting Director’s perspective
  • Understand how The Balanced Actor = The Working Actor
  • Learn how to create the right mindset for obtaining the right representation, industry networking, meetings etc 
  • Discover how to step into a Purpose Driven acting career and go further than you could have ever imagined
  • Find out what is holding you back, so you can break through and step into your greatness
  • Learn how to set goals in a way that propels you forward
  • Acquire the skills needed to be an Organized Actor and manage all the aspects of your career properly
  • Establish a relationship with goal setting and organization that sets you apart from your fellow actors 
  • Learn the secrets to success as an actor
  • Remove the “luck” out of making it by becoming business savvy about your career
  • Separate yourself from the 99% and become the 1% of full time working actors 

We’ll be doing this work together while you’re at the event 
so you can implement what you learn immediately 

We round out this experience with a panel of Special Industry Insiders. 
Our panels include distinguished Hollywood and local directors, writers, producers, 
actors, and casting directors - to help you take your acting career to the next level. 

Our industry panel is not for the purposes of "being seen" or "being discovered".
It is designed to give you the information, tools, knowledge, strategy and resources you need -
placing the power in your hands to effectively and consistently create your own breakthrough opportunities.
"No matter where you currently are in your acting career, there are always challenges. Shani’s experience, expertise, and passion for helping others are priceless. She is providing exactly what an actor needs to truly advance his or her acting career."  

Angell Conwell - Actress
The Young and the Restless (CBS) 
Copyright 2017 - The Hollywood Inside Edge - All Rights Reserved

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